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Suffolk County Resident Arrested for Grand Larceny for stealing televisions from Walmart

Moriches Man Charged with Grand Larceny at Walmart A Man was arrested in Suffolk County in the town of East Setauket and charged with fourth-degree grand larceny. Police said he put 55-inch television in a shopping cart at Walmart in East Setauket and left the store through the garden area.command was probably charged with grand  … Read more

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Suffolk County Pettit Larceny Arrests in the news

A Commack teen was arrested March 21 and charged with petit larceny. Police said the teen attempted to take clothes from Bob’s Stores in East Northport without paying for the items. A Commack man, 46, was arrested March 19 and charged with petty larceny and acting in a manner injuring a child under age 17.  … Read more

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