How to Avoid Traffic Court

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Let’s face it – a traffic ticket can be a pain in the derriere. You don’t want the points against your license, and you certainly don’t want to ruin a day hanging out in traffic court. So what are your options?

Hire a lawyer! That’s right, a traffic ticket attorney can possibly offer you an opportunity to avoid points, a conviction, and the aggravation of taking time out of your busy schedule to attend traffic court.

The key is to retain a traffic ticket lawyer who regularly practices in the court where you are scheduled to appear. A traffic ticket attorney, who regularly practices in the court that you are designated to appear before, will be familiar with the local rules, the prosecuting attorney and the judges. That familiarity will allow the attorney to evaluate your traffic violation (ticket) and driving history, and provide you with accurate information, including whether you will be required to attend traffic court.

Typically first time offenders and individuals charged with minor traffic offenses will not be required to appear, as their attorney can handle the appearance on their behalf. Those charged with more serious offenses, or repeat offenders, may be required to appear in court with their attorney.

Don’t forget, even a minor traffic ticket is still a criminal violation. Ignoring the ticket can lead to a warrant being placed for your arrest, an embarrassment next time you get pulled over, possible time in jail (arrests at night will almost always require an overnight stay in jail until a judge can be reached in the morning).

If you have received a traffic ticket, contact an experienced traffic ticket attorney in your area to find out if you need to appear in court. You may be pleasantly surprised. Moreover, the cost of an attorney is often offset by the expense of missing work, and chances are excellent that you will receive a much more favorable result with a lawyer, than on your own.

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