New Divorce Laws in New York Level the Playing Field

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New York has enacted new divorce laws that are designed to level the playing field between spouses in a divorce proceeding. No longer will the breadwinner, or the spouse with more money have such a distinct advantage in a contested divorce. This is extremely important where couples disagree on child support, maintenance (spousal support), child custody, child visitation and the division of marital property.

New York has enacted two reforms designed to place both spouses on more equal footing in a divorce. The first reform protects the spouse with less money by providing for temporary support during a divorce proceeding and revise the factors for spousal maintenance after a divorce to more accurately reflect the life circumstances of each party. The purpose of this provision is to help achieve more consistency in temporary maintenance while a divorce is pending.

The second reform deals with ensuring that both parties have equal access to representation during a divorce. There is now a presumption that the spouse with less money is entitled to payment for interim attorney fees and expert fees from the spouse with more money. The spouse with more money may rebut the presumption, but the burden is on that spouse to demonstrate the other spouse should not be entitled to payment for the interim lawyer fees and expert fees. The reform is designed to level the playing economic field between the spouses.

An experienced family law attorney and divorce lawyer can explain how the new reforms to New York’s divorce law will affect you, and your ability to obtain a divorce in New York, especially if such matters as child support, maintenance, child custody and visitation, or the division of property are in dispute.

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