No Fault Divorce Has Finally Arrived in New York

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New York is never quick to make changes in the law concerning divorce. Attorneys and couples have long been frustrated with New York’s policy that a party must prove fault to gain a contested divorce. Even in an uncontested divorce, couples were required to wait a mandatory one-year period, and be able to present agreed to settlement terms.

Couples who could not agree to settlement terms, including child support, child custody, child visitation and the division of property were forced to allege fault by one of the parties, which usually meant allegations of cruelty or adultery, often times without proof. In fact, in many of these cases, the allegations were purely fabricated to gain access to the courts.

Alleging fault, which could be taken into consideration by the court when making important decisions, including decisions regarding the division of property or awarding child custody, meant costly, time-consuming litigation to prove fault.

New York’s new no-fault divorce law permits couples to divorce without assessing fault for failure of the marriage. The no fault divorce law will mean quicker access to the courts, less expensive divorces, and more efficient disposition of divorce cases, which, to some extent, should free up the clogged court docket. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

Financial resources and vast amounts of time associated with a grounds divorce (proving fault) will no longer be required. The time and expense of litigating who is at fault will be dramatically reduced thanks to New York’s new no fault divorce law.

An experienced family law attorney and divorce lawyer can explain how the new no fault divorce law will affect you, and your ability to obtain a divorce in New York, especially if you have some contested matters, such as child support, child custody and visitation, or the division of property and assets.

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