Should Juveniles Be Given a Fresh Start When They Become Adults?

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Kids do stupid things. It is part of being a kid and growing up. Virtually everyone has done something stupid during the course of their youth, which they may, or may not, have had to answer for. The question is: For youths who are arrested or charged for committing a crime, should they be given a fresh start when they reach adulthood, or should their criminal history follow them into adulthood?

The answer to this question often depends on the severity of the crime and the age of the youth at the time the crime was committed. For example, if a juvenile is charged with the juvenile crime of shoplifting, most people would agree that the juvenile should be given a second chance and start with a clean criminal record when they reach adulthood. After all, it is difficult enough to make a life for oneself in this day and age without having to fight an uphill battle with one strike against you.

However, if a juvenile is charged with sexual assault (rape) or other violent felony charge, then your opinion may change. In fact, in some states, juveniles can be tried as adults for serious crimes. For example, in one state, a juvenile, only 11 years old, was tried as an adult and sentenced to jail for killing a man at a party store. Most juveniles tried as adults are much closer to adulthood (17 years old). The reason for not trying juveniles as adults is because they do not have the mental capacity to fully understand the consequences of their actions.

Moreover, many would argue that people do learn from their mistakes, and in the case of a juvenile, with their whole life in front of them, they should be afforded every opportunity to achieve the American dream, to raise a family and to live their life as every other human being in this country.

Regardless of your position on how juveniles should be treated for juvenile crimes, especially once they reach adulthood, the fact is that if your child has been charged with a crime, you will want to ensure they are provided with a quality criminal defense from an experienced attorney. Your child is too valuable to take unnecessary risks with in the justice system. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can fight to bring about the best possible results for your child.

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