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No Fault Divorce Has Finally Arrived in New York

New York is never quick to make changes in the law concerning divorce. Attorneys and couples have long been frustrated with New York’s policy that a party must prove fault to gain a contested divorce.

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New Divorce Laws in New York Level the Playing Field

For family law and divorce representation throughout Suffolk County and Nassau County – call attorney Shawn Kassman at 631-232-9479 New York has enacted new divorce laws that are designed to level the playing field between spouses in a divorce proceeding. No longer will the breadwinner, or the spouse with more money have such a distinct  … Read more

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The Pros and Cons of Divorce

If you are struggling in your marriage, unable to effectively communicate about or agree on anything, and you see little chance of turning the situation around, you may have considered filing for divorce. You may recognize that divorce can solve some of your problems while giving rise to others. This article identifies some of the  … Read more

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