Suffolk County Bench Warrant Lawyer

A bench warrant is issued when an individual fails to appear in court for their regularly scheduled court appearance. Sometimes the judge will issue a bench warrant if the person does not appear on the first court date sometimes a judge will adjourned the case and give the person the opportunity to come into court and the court will notify the person of the next court date. Typically in Suffolk County court at Central Islip Courthouse if a warrant is issued for your arrest he was screwed out to the court and fill out a slip before 11:00 AM to have the case recalendared. Typically the case will go up to the judge that issued the bench warrant. Some judges will make a person pay bail to insure their return. If one does not appear after bail is posted the bail will be lost and bail will be even higher on the 2nd go around. I represent a number of individuals that receive bench warrant for failing to appear in court for their regularly scheduled court appearances I also represent a large amount of individuals that reside outside of the State. Typically I am able to represent these individuals depending upon the judge that the case goes before. In most instances I recommend that the client have all of their outstanding tickets cleared up before we attempt to recall the warrant. Once I am able to recall the warrant I usually prepare what is called a plea in absentia which allows me to enter a plea without a client coming to court. Typically a client will contact me from another state when they go to renew the license and that of the state they are not able to renew the license because there is a suspension in New York that they forgot to take care of. What happens is people leave the state and get a license in another state and ultimately by their failure to take care of their open tickets in New York their privileges in New York to drive a motor vehicle that suspended and that affects them renewing their license in this state that they have moved to. In most instances I am able to represent the individual without the individual coming to the State as long as all of their suspensions outside of the Central Islip Courthouse are cleared up most judges will allow the Scoff or warrant to be lifted upon application to the court by myself without the client.

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