Suffolk County Leaving the Scene of an Accident Lawyer

VTLl 0600 01 A 010 (Vehicle and Traffic Law) Operator Leave the Scene of Property Damage Accident

Any person operating a motor vehicle who, knowing or having cause to know that damage has been caused to the real property or to the personal property, not including animals, of another, due to an incident involving the motor vehicle operated by such person shall, before leaving the place where the damage occurred, stop, exhibit his license and insurance identification card for such vehicle, when such card as required pursuant to article six and eight of this chapter, and give his name, residence, including street and number, insurance carrier and insurance identification information including but not limited to the number and effective dates of said individuals insurance policy, and license number to the party sustaining the damage, or in the case the person sustaining the damage is not present at the place where the damage occurred then he shall report the same as soon as physically able to the nearest police station, or judicial officer.

This charge is a Misdemeanor. Typically when an individual is charged with leaving the scene of an accident these charges are usually plea-bargained down to a violation called disorderly conduct. The individual that is charged with leaving the scene of an accident has to pay restitution typically and sometimes community service.

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