Suffolk County Robbery and Grand Larceny Defense

Robbery and grand larceny can be felony offenses and are typically punishable by more than one year in prison (sentences can be up to 25 years). If you are charged with robbery or grand larceny, the Law Offices of Shawn R. Kassman in Central Islip can help. We provide a quality defense to individuals charged with robbery or grand larceny throughout Suffolk County and Nassau County, including the areas in and around Bayshore, Oakdale, Sayville, Riverhead, Port Jefferson, Brentwood and Holtsville.

You will be assigned an attorney who will handle your defense from start to finish to ensure your attorney is familiar with all aspects and facts in your case. We believe our tenacity in the courtroom and our reputation for success lead to better initial plea offers from the prosecution.

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Experienced Suffolk County Robbery Defense Lawyer

Robbery is defined as the forcible theft of property. Robbery charges are very serious and require several elements:

  • The theft of another person’s property
  • The use of force or intimidatino in the theft of the property
  • The lack of the owner’s consent to take possession of the property
  • The intent to steal the property

Punishment for robbery is often prison time, and may range from less than a year to 25 years. The wide range of punishment varies based on the degree of severity with each element in a robbery charge. Robbery charges may also include other charges, such as assault or weapons violations, and may become overwhelming very quickly.

Shawn Kassman and his team have exceptional experience in navigating robbery cases, fighting for your rights and negotiating a better outcome for you. Please call criminal defense attorney Shawn Kassman or a member of his legal team at 631-232-9479 (toll-free 1-888-545-2944), or fill out our online intake form.

Experienced Suffolk County Grand Larceny Defense Attorney

In New York, grand larceny refers to theft of amounts of $1,000 or more. Any property taken that is valued over $1,000 will elevate the charges to grand larceny, which is a much more serious criminal charge.

Often, our criminal defense attorneys are able to reduce such charges to a noncriminal charge; however, in such cases, the accused needs to make restitution by paying the person whose property was taken.

Grand larceny is usually distinguished from embezzlement and false pretenses in that the actual taking of the property is accomplished unlawfully and without the victim’s consent, and along with the taking there must be a carrying-off. It is also distinguished from burglary in that the theft does not necessarily involve unlawful breaking and entering.

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