Suffolk County Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

A uncontested divorce is one in which the husband and wife agree on all of the issues related to the termination of their marriage. The divorce will be granted without the parties appearing in court.

An uncontested divorce is the most economical and expedient way to get a divorce in New York. Because, unlike a contested divorce, there are no issues that need to be decided or resolved, the process is quick and efficient.

In an uncontested divorce, the parties have already worked out their differences and the terms of the divorce, and only need to go through the formalities. Some of the areas the agreement should address include the following:

Even if you have an uncontested divorce, you should seek an experienced divorce lawyer to ensure your agreement actually reflects the terms agreed upon and that all documentation and filings are correct to ensure the process runs smoothly.

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Attorney Shawn Kassman will prepare documents that are signed by the parties and submitted to the court for a judge’s review. This does not necessarily mean that the divorce is amicable but simply that all disputes were resolved outside of the courtroom. This type of divorce is quicker and less costly than a contested divorce and allows the parties to end the marriage quietly and with dignity.

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