Divorce a Costly a Fair

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Divorce – A costly affair



Getting a divorce could prove to be a bit costly affair with all the rules and laws made in favor of the women. At least that’s how men look at it. No matter what the claims are, the laws are a bit partial to women and yet we say that men and women are alike. After marriage women has the privilege to be the parent who biologically carries the child in the womb and nurtures it. In society’s world over, women have always been looked up at as the weaker lot who ought to be protected at all the time. Whether we have a common consensus here or not I feel the same psychology continues to work while the laws were made including divorce laws.


I was spellbound after hearing about some of the settlement that has been made after the divorce. The women always mange to get a fair bit of allowance after the trial and I feel it’s like she  can obviously say a no to her husband but she is not foolish enough to say no to the money. It’s just not the money that could prove to be a costly affair, you cannot forget about the stress and the ensuing disruption that your mind has to undergo during the whole process. In the case of young divorcees the impact is found to be much worse. I find it interesting that regardless to having many ways to divert their attention, younger divorcees are found to be more detrimental to one’s health than the older divorcees as they seem to have developed the ability to cope up better with the various problems encountered in life.


There is a need to have an active participation of divorcee counselors to help people, whether young and old, to handle the stress. I personally think that younger divorcees carry less stress than the older ones as divorce is more prevalent in the younger lot. Looking at the number of growing divorces being filed each day and the kind of life style lead by the younger generation it will not be wrong to state that it’s in short a motivation or kind of a provocation for these younger lots to put blame on each other and walk out of the marriage. I don’t intend to act like a pro-divorce. But I genuinely think that couples should give some time and work harder on their marriages for the sanctity it holds.



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