Post-Divorce Modifications

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No one wants to go through a divorce, or rather the divorce process. A contested divorce can be messy, time consuming and draining on you, your emotions and your resources.

Divorce can be expensive, time consuming and aggravating. In fact, many people just want to do whatever it takes to be done with the divorce and get on to the next phase of their lives. However, there are ways for you and your family law attorney to save time, money and aggravation, through the use of settlement.

Of course, there may be major points of contention that require litigation; but that doesn’t mean every single point in the divorce must go through an expensive, time-consuming litigation process. There may be many points that you and your soon to be ex-spouse can agree on prior to litigation.

For example, if you have a child custody dispute and cannot agree on a visitation schedule, that does not mean that you cannot resolve the division of property issues and spousal support issues prior to litigation.

Likewise, if you cannot agree on division of property issues, that does not mean you cannot agree on child support, as well as child custody and visitation issues. Remember, the more points you can agree on prior to litigation, the less expensive and faster you will be able to obtain your divorce and move forward with your life.

An experienced family law attorney can assist you with settling the points that can be settled and litigating the points that cannot be settled. By providing you with accurate information and experienced advice, your divorce lawyer can guide you toward resolving some of the issues presented in a divorce and saving you money. Your goal, and your attorney’s goal should be to obtain your divorce in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible, without sacrificing your interests or rights.

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